Fun things Eric Hopper likes.

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Web Comics

My current favorite is Girl Genius. Quintessential steampunk. Phil and Kaja Foglio have been well known print comic book artists in certain circles for years. They have a well-deserved reputation for imaginative plots, a quirky and intelligent sense of humor, and well-drawn art. This comic is no exception.

Read their comic, you won't regret it. And once you discover your profound lack of regret (don't just take my word for it) buy their books.

Girl Genuis banner

And, of course, no list of favorite web comics is complete without XKCD. XKCD often contains jokes based on mathematics, computer science, or general science concepts. It's one of the only comics I read that elicits actual laughter, and I delight in sharing them with people because they are so short and clever. The comic exhibits strong hacker sensibilities in a rather hard to define way.


I also like After Y2K. It's a rather zany and offbeat comic strip about the supposed collapse of civilization when the Y2K bug causes transistors to cease functioning. Since Y2K has come and left, the plot escaped being an innacurate reflection of reality via a time-travel plot twist.

Unfortunately the author lost creative steam in about 2002 or so. Still, I think the archive is well worth reading, and you may enjoy her more lightweight Joy of Tech comic which is full of Apple in-jokes.

Y2K banner

I think that User Friendly is kind of dull and predictable, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for it. It's a web based comic about a bunch of people working for an Oregon based ISP. I mostly like it because of all of the Open Source community in jokes. User Friendly banner

Funny Web Pages

Here's a big jumble of the places I think are funny. Click away.

The Postmodernism Generator | Hey, everybody - it's Crazy Drunk Guy! | Netizen's Guide to Flame Warriors


I like to play computer games. Since my computer is currently restricted to running Linux, this severely limits the range of games I can play. Someday, I will have a link to a page of my favorite Linux games on here.

I also like to read. I usually read science fiction, but I sometimes stray into other genres. I rarely read mystery novels, although I was fond of the "Three Investigators" series when I was in elementary and junior high.

I attend a science fiction convention every year in Minnesota called Convergence. I like Science Fiction, but the main attraction of Convergence for me is the other people who go. I don't know of anywhere else where I can find as large a group of bright, open-minded people.

If you're interesting in showing up, it's always held at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel over July 4th weekend.

Lastly, I play role playing games. I usually play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but I've been known to play almost anything.

When I lived in Minnesota I played a lot with a U of MN campus based group called RPSIG. But they died from lack of participating students. I leave their logo here in their memory.


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