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Professional Consulting Services

I provide professional consulting services in the greater Seattle area. My consulting services cover several broad categories:

Design analysis

Design analysis with an eye for security and long-term maintainability. I will document any problems in detail and make sure your team understand the risks involved and give several options for mitigating those risks.

Code walkthroughs

Code walkthroughs for code in a variety of languages, including C++, Python, and Java. Again, I will be sure that the result of the analysis is clear, well documented and well understood by your team.

New design and coding

C++, Python and Java design and coding. It will take longer than many, but when I'm done, it will work properly, and be much closer to defect-free than you might've come to expect. This is only available for code that is platform agnostic, or for a Posix based platform such as Linux or OS X.

Development process debugging

This is a very wide ranging service, and I'm willing to come in cold, with no preconceptions about what the problem is, and work with your team to figure out how best to improve your process.

Here are some examples of problems we might find:

System setup and administration

Focused Linux administration tasks centered around cleaning up a particular problem or getting a new system up and running. I will work with whatever procedures you have in place for documenting what was done and how it should be maintained and will assist in setting up such procedures when they don't exist.

IPv6 network setup and IPv6 software development

IPv6 migration or support. I've been running IPv6 on my internal network since 2003. I've used several different tunneling technologies to make this work and am well aware of the kinds of problems and issues that can crop up. Whether it's updating your network infrastructure for IPv6 or writing code that works in an IPv6 environment, I can provide valuable knowledge and assistance.

This page is simple, and hand coded in conformant XHTML and CSS. I'm not a graphic designer, nor am I a web designer, so this page is simple and spare. Do not let that affect your opinion of my competence.

My rates are negotiable, and I prefer to be paid in Bitcoins if possible. USD are also acceptable.

My Résumé, my LinkedIn profile, and my StackOverflow profile (StackOverflow is a programmer Q&A site) display my qualifications. I especially encourage you to look at the recommendations on my profile if you have a LinkedIn account.

Please send me email at if you're interested in engaging my services.

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